KBP has built a proprietary discovery platform that incorporates world-class processes for novel compound identification
established around two major areas (organ protection and anti-infection).

KBP’s discovery platform includes substantial compound library, high-volume screening and optimization techniques,
and a pharmacological experiment platform for evaluating pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) and toxicology for
various novel drug candidates. It is responsible for generating each of KBP’s novel drug candidates currently in clinical and preclinical
development. The platform is expected to continue to consistently contribute new drug candidates to the Company’s pipeline.

Compound Library

Over the course of more than a decade, KBP has built a small molecule compound library with rich chemical entities consisting of compounds designed and synthesized by KBP with unique chemical structures and high potency, compounds synthesized based on different core structures that cover almost all known core structures, and a natural product library of compounds extracted from plants, marine organisms and microorganisms.

Coupled with our bio-evaluation technology platform, the compound library enables KBP to identify and advance unique drug candidates that address global unmet medical needs quickly and efficiently.

Multiple lead compounds have been screened from the library, and several compounds have entered into global clinical development.

Research Facilities

Our research facilities are equipped with leading edge equipment and technologies to drive drug discovery and development.